Shades of Green

Did you ever notice that leaves come in different shades of green? Have you ever seen two plants in a garden that seemed to clash with one another?

We think about this sort of thing a lot when designing landscapes. Great design has a lot to do with the details- and a truly successful design takes a lot of different details into account. The undertones of plant foliage, their distinct textures, the blend of colors in a single stone, how these things interact with existing structures and the character of the site—we have a deep appreciation for this kind of aesthetic subtlety.

You may or may not ever notice half of that we thought about when putting together your design—but you’ll appreciate that it works, and looks beautiful, everyday.

  • A pared-down, abstracted prairie provides textural beauty- sound and motion- on one side of the walk, in contrast with the crisp lines of concrete wall detailing on the adjacent rain garden planters.
  • This private backyard patio and deck feels remarkably spacious through the judicious sizing and spacing of pergolas and wooden privacy screens, all built to last and beautifully detailed.
  • This residential landscape is in harmony with the formal style of the house itself, creating refined yet inviting spaces to move through and enjoy the grounds.
  • The textural harmony of ornamental grasses and perennials prized for their foliage makes for a subtly beautiful display; those inside the building looking out can literally and figuratively rest their eyes on it.
  • Simple and thoughtful native plant choices bring dazzling fall color to this library parking lot, showcasing how functional and elegant sustainable design can be.
  • The streets and homes in this subdivision were carefully sited in our master plan to work around natural features and mature trees in the existing landscape, resulting in naturally beautiful views.
  • Our deep knowledge of the aesthetic qualities of native plants was built through years of experience and observation; this simple ornamental planting utilizes hardy native species in an unexpected context.
  • This elegant planting bed visually brings the home into conversation with the street; the planting was designed to complement existing landscaping while adding unexpectedly beautiful elements.
  • Rich contrast between hardscape- granite walls and faux bluestone paving- and the soft and lush textures of the planting design draws attention to the beauty inherent in carefully selected materials.
  • Springtime in this secluded-feeling sensory garden offers sights, sound, and smells through the soothing fountain and richly textured detail of the planting beds.
  • Attention to every last detail is one hallmark of our custom design work; in this rain garden, steel runnels go beyond functional performance and offer a rugged, industrial beauty all their own.
  • The stone craftsmanship evident in this set of steps is the perfect marriage of material selection, thoughtful design, and the artistry of the installer.

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