Getting the Word Out

At InSite Design Studio, we share our passion for ecological design through educational and interpretive signs, lectures and classes, and pro-bono work.

Form and function fuse seamlessly in our interpretive signwork. The function of these signs is to educate your lay audience about the science behind the design, and the trick is to impart this information in a meaningful and entertaining way. We start from a place of expertise with the science, combine that knowledge with great graphics and detailed botanical illustration, and the result is a great-looking sign that truly communicates because it’s fun to look at.

Shannan speaks widely throughout the state on stormwater management and rain garden design. Be sure to check out our photos showing pro bono rain gardens used for outdoor education too.

  • Rain gardens in urban areas are a great way to give kids the chance to see natural processes and features up close, and to interact with them through play.
  • This pro bono schoolyard rain garden was constructed with the help of students and parents - it brightens and beautifies a drab corner of the schoolyard, and invites children to come in and play.
  • Learning isn't boring in an outdoor classroom where natural curiousity is on display; the students even used compost made from their lunch leftovers to enhance the soil.
  • InSite helped to develop curriculum for kindergarteners through 5th graders on a variety of subjects- from soils, to mapping, to watersheds.
  • Depending on where they live, a lot of kids don’t spend much time outdoors in natural areas. This outdoor classroom brings a natural microcosm to the school’s back door.
  • Simple signs can call attention to a rain garden’s functional role in the city landscape and help to create interest among those who are still unfamiliar.
  • Sometimes a small sign can work wonders in communicating a place’s ecological function, which makes a big difference when it comes to interpreting and evaluating appearances.

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