Innovative design,
inspired by nature.

We have been doing ‘green design’ since before it had a name, and environmental sensitivity and planning is at the core of our design process- even in highly urbanized settings.

Because of our long-term experience with ecological systems and processes, we have been able to bridge the worlds of ecological design and what we call “design with a capital D”—gorgeous form, texture, line, color. When these worlds come together, the result is beautiful and ecologically sensitive design.

Our ecological design services feature (but are not limited to): innovative storm water design, environmental planning, streambank, wetland, and watershed restoration, wetland delineation and creation, and floristic quality inventory and assessment.

  • urban rain garden The richly textured rain garden in this downtown civic space provides dramatic contrast with modern site design elements, while rain water is made visible and celebrated though beautifully detailed controls.
  • native wetland restoration This wetland mitigation has been designed to increase quality and diversity in an urban public park, incorporating native plant species and managing invasives through careful monitoring and timely intervention.
  • sidewalk promenade experience This serene sidewalk promenade takes advantage of a wide setback to provide eye-catching contrast between raised rain garden planters and an abstracted prairie landscape.
  • native plant landscape This environmental interpretive center’s entry rain garden is planted with strictly native species, and demonstrates how to sustainably infiltrate rain water while also creating a beautiful landscape.
  • plaza green roof Pedestrians most often see this green roof from above, as it is located on a sunken plaza’s entryway roof; it provides a soft, lively and green respite from the hardscape while working to absorb rainwater.
  • native plants detention pond planting This visually stunning landscape contrasts sweeping plantings of native prairie, pond, and wet meadow species with a modern library building raised on stilts above the rain water storage pond.
  • prairie restoration This naturalistic prairie planting benefitted from the native sandy soils to produce unprecedented success with native seed germination- the result is a beautiful, blooming entry for a local township hall.
  • pro bono rain garden A pro bono rain garden at a local school creates a stunning display of flowers and foliage in an unused corner near the main entrance- native plants are showcased and runoff from the roof is put to good use.
  • woodland preservation subdivision plan This subdivision resulted from a unique mitigation and restoration plan which preserved much of the site’s existing native woodland, carefully locating homes and streets among mature trees.
  • streambank restoration This streambank restoration project transformed a highly eroded drain into a beautiful, functional ecosystem through regrading, realignment, bank stabilization, and replanting with native species.

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